PokerStars: Rafael Nadal to Play in His First Live Poker Tournament at EPT Prague

November 27, 2013

PokerStars’ Rafael Nadal incurred a major knee injury in 2012, which kept him away from tennis for a while, but leave it to a highly competitive sports buff to make the most of an unscheduled break like that: during his hiatus from his main job, he began playing poker online, and coached by Alfonso Cardalda, he’s made rapid progress, developing a feel for the action and growing to truly appreciate the competitive and skill-based nature of the green felt battles.

It now looks like the time has come for Rafa to take another step towards becoming a recognized poker player too: it has been announced that he would take part in his first ever live poker tournament, this December, at the EPT’s Prague stop.

The event will be a charity tournament, in which he will join some of the best-known and respected poker professionals as well as other sports celebrities, and which is scheduled to take place on December 12.

Having overcome his injury, Nadal has since returned to tennis and he won 10 titles in the last 10 months, clinching the World #1 spot again.

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