Full Tilt: Repayments to US Players Well Underway

March 5, 2014

Starting last Friday (a day which came to be called by US-based online poker players who had/have funds stuck at Full Tilt Poker “Green Friday”) Garden City Group, the third-party claims administrator hired by the US DoJ to handle the issue of pending Full Tilt funds, has begun repaying US balances to bank accounts previously verified.

The first phase of the repayment process is set to pay out some $80 million to US players. Thus far, some $76 million have been paid back, covering 27,500 US player balances.

While initially it was said that players who were identified as affiliates would not get any money back, it has recently been announced that such players have until Sunday, March 2 to file claims to get their Full Tilt monies back. Players whose claims have been found incomplete/inaccurate, have until March 13 to re-file their claims.

Players, whose account balances are disputed have not yet received any money back either.

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