Lock Poker: Revolution Network Divorce Getting Messy

November 5, 2013

Lock Poker’s break with the Revolution Gaming Network seemed like a fairly clean and square strategic move on the part of the operation, but things quickly degenerated into a full-blown brawl. After Lock Poker had officially left the network, Revolution apparently put up an announcement claiming that they had been the ones who terminated the contract, and they automatically redirected Lock Poker players trying to log into their accounts to Pure Poker.

Lock Poker naturally took offense to the move and they had the announcement taken down. They’ve also since filed a complaint with the licensing and regulating authority behind the Revolution Network, claiming that Revolution were aiming to harm their business intentionally, re-directing their traffic to an unlicensed poker operator.

Lock Poker have also released a statement clarifying that Pure Poker has no Lock Poker player account data, it has no relationship with Lock Poker and that the new proprietary Lock Poker software can ONLY be downloaded at lockpoker.eu.

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