PokerStars: Software Version 7 Goes Mainstream, Version 6 Discontinued

February 23, 2015

After months of testing and after getting some 450K people to use their new PokerStars 7 software, the biggest online poker room finally decided to let the old dog die, announcing the discontinuation of the PokerStars 6 software. With so much careful planning behind it and with such a gradual release, the impact of the introduction of the new software package is expected to be minimal. For those who are already using the PokerStars 7 software, the move will not be noticeable at all. They will simply no longer have the "revert to version 6" option available.

Those who still use PokerStars 6 can upgrade to version 7 at the click of a button. Those who do not manually upgrade will have their software automatically upgraded at the next update, when version 6 of the software becomes unavailable.

As far as the various features are concerned (and yes, that includes player notes), most everything available in version 6 will be available in version 7 too, so in that respect, the update shouldn't present any problems to anyone.

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