Terminal Poker: Terminal Poker – Big Moves Looming

September 27, 2012

Terminal Poker may not have been among the most active sites promotions-wise, but that is about to change. The site has big plans for the upcoming weeks and months. First off, they are set to celebrate their recent traffic growth by launching a 25 millionth hand promotion, which will see the winner walk away with an iPad 3. Cash prizes will also be awarded in the run-up for the big milestone. 

The Terminal Poker tournament schedule will also be revamped, at the beginning of the next month.

Last, but certainly not least, the network plans to launch a sportsbook in October too, which will mean another possibility for players to wager, and it may even draw in sports-betting fish, refreshing the player-pool and loosening up the competition a bit more. The sportsbook will be mobile-compatible from the get-go.

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