Win Cake: The Age of Fast Folding Poker has Arrived

November 8, 2013

The age of fast folding poker has finally arrived at Win Cake too: grind-junkies can now fold hands as soon as they pick them up and realize they don’t like them, then move instantly to a new table an get dealt into a new hand, picking up new pocket cards.

The advantages of fast folding poker are obvious and they have been documented countless times: there’s more action, there’s no downtime, one can’t make reads on opponents, but at the end of the day, no one can read anyone else either. Multi tabling is easy, and redeeming bonuses/piling up rakeback becomes a cinch at the fast folding poker tables.

What’s quite probably even more important for Win Cake’s players though is the fact that the site decided to celebrate the launch of fast folding poker by giving re-depositors a 100% “FastFold” bonus, and through it, an instant reason to hit the new tables.

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