Unibet: Unibet Poker Launching their Own Platform in 2014

December 5, 2013

Unibet Poker have announced on Tuesday that they were leaving the MPN network, in favor of striking out on their own. Apparently, the new Unibet software will be launched as early as next month. The company working with Unibet on the new proprietary software is Relax Gaming.

According to Unibet’s Head of Gaming, Daniel Eskola, the move is one meant to assure that Unibet remains competitive in an increasingly social-oriented online gaming environment. The goals that Unibet aims to achieve online poker-wise are no longer compatible with being a member of a large online poker network.

The new software – which will be available in a downloadable format for PCs and Macs, as well as in a mobile version for iOs and Android tablets - will shift the focus to the casual player. No longer looking for massive liquidity and the security offered by a large network, Unibet Poker will aim to bring the fun element back into the game, shoving hardcore grinders aside for casual, recreational traffic.

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