Red Star Poker: Lottery October closed

The Red Star Lottery October is resenting a grand prize iPhone 7 128Gb. There are over 1,000 prizes and the total prizepool  value exceeds $30,000. 
To win a lottery ticket and win a price complete at least one of the daily tasks, such as:
- Make a deposit
- Play 250 poker hands in one day on any cash tables on real money.
- Wager $100/€100 in the casino games.

Visit lottery menu on the Red Star Poker website > Enter your username and password > See how many lottery tickets you have.

Complete one of the tasks and you will be credited with a lottery ticket. Each lottery ticket is a guaranteed prize! 


iPhone 7 128Gb
iPhone 1
Xbox One
Xbox One
Cash $100 10
Cash $25 100
Cash $5 200
Free Spins 10 Spins 1,000
Free Spins 5 Spins 7,000
Casino Reload Bonus $10 250
Poker Tournament
$5.50 50
Poker Reload Bonus 
$25 500
Poker Reload Bonus 
$10 1000

Download, install and run Red Star Poker HERE.

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