RummyRoyal: Royal Stars Club closed

A real money account at RummyRoyal (Online Rummy) earns you 1 Royal Star (RS) for every $1 fee spent. When playing your first real money game, you automatically join the Royal Stars Club as a "Royal Jack" and can enjoy the benefits of that tier.

TierRoyal Stars Required
Royal Jack (*) 0-74
Royal Queen (**) 75-249
Royal King (***) 250-549
Royal Joker (****) 550 or more

Note: Your status at the Royal Stars Club is based on the Royal Stars you collect during a period of one calendar month. At the beginning of each calendar month, your Royal Stars (RS) counter is zeroed and a new count begins. In order to move up the Royal Stars Club tiers or maintain your current status next month, you need to collect the required RS amount during the present month.

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