Prop Site #12 Rakeback: Up to105%

Prop Site #12 Rakeback

Prop Site #12 Rakeback: Up to105%
Network: Prop sites
Network size: Small
Signup bonus: -
Monthly bonus: -
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Sorry, this rakeback deal is currently unavailable!

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Prop Site #12

Prop Site #12 is a new network that accepts US players. As the network is new traffic can be low and props are encouraged to play short handed at the tables and keep games going. There are no minimum cash table limit restrictions but props can not play the special Heads Up tables (2 players max).

Game types available at the moment are Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

Prop Limits:
There are no minimum cash table stake limits that Props must play at or restriction on game types.

Props must not play on the special Heads Up tables.

Multi-Table Tournaments and Sit and Go Tournaments do not count as prop play.

Prop Compensation:

50% weekly rakeback for 100 to 499 raked hands
75% weekly rakeback for 500 raked hands or more
85% weekly rakeback for 1000 raked hands or more
90% weekly rakeback for 1500 raked hands or more
95% weekly rakeback for 2000 raked hands or more
100% weekly rakeback for 2500 or more raked hands
Extra 5% for daily Tweets, Facebook postings and 1 weekly blog post (to be monitored by the Network)

Please note: If you have played less than 100 qualifying raked hands in a prop week then you will get 0% (zero) rakeback.

For a hand to qualify as a prop raked hand it must rake a minimum amount according to the prop rules and the latest appropriate network rake structure found on the site.

Prop Payment
Props will be paid weekly and calculated on the prop period from Monday 12:00am ET to Sunday 11:59pm ET (Eastern Standard Time USA & Canada)
Prop payments are made into a players account every Friday for the preceding weeks Prop play.
Minimum 100 raked hands per week to qualify for Prop payment.
No Prop may withdraw his rakeback funds unless he has completed the weekly qualify minimum of 100 raked hands
Site features
  • Accepts US players
Prop Site #12 rakeback

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