Prop Site #12: Up to 105% Rakeback and US Players Welcome

April 14, 2012

Prop Site #12 is a recently launched poker network where you can earn up to 105% rakeback on qualifying Prop play. They accept US residents as Prop and regular players.

There are no restrictions on cash table limits but Props are not allowed to play on the special Heads Up tables (2 player max tables). Tournaments or Sit and Go's do not count towards Prop play. As it is a new network shorthand play is encouraged and you will be expected to help keep games active.

Please visit the Prop Site #12 page to read the full Prop rules and how your play can qualify for Prop rakeback. Please remember to complete your application for the Prop deal by verifying your identifier in your RakeMeBack account (add your Prop Site #12 Tablename to your 'Prop player' account).

If we do not have your Tablename then we can not confirm your prop deal. Please do not play until you have been confirmed by us as a Prop for this site.

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