NETWORK: MPN Awards System Launched

November 26, 2013

MPN, formerly the Microgaming Poker Network, have moved to add another fun dimension to their online games a short while ago.

The Achievements Rewards System is a well-tested way to arouse additional player interest and friendly competition in regards to green felt accomplishments. The system is based on various challenges players can complete within a game, giving them a measure of progress and success other than the size of their bankrolls.

The move recognizes the complexity of the game of poker and its socially competitive nature. The game is obviously not just about wining money – although that is its central goal at the end of the day – it is also about having fun, and about besting one’s friends through various accomplishments, some of which may get lost in the mundane chase after the buckskins.

Besides the above described Achievements Rewards System, MPN have introduced other improvements as well, like a MacOS compatible client, a Bad Beat Jackpot feature and the Blazing Cannon.

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