Full Tilt Cashback: Up to 30%

Full Tilt Cashback

Full Tilt Cashback: Up to 30%
Network: Independent
Network size: Large
Signup bonus: -
Monthly bonus: $600
Preferred Deposit Method...
» Skrill (Moneybookers)
Skrill (Moneybookers)
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Full Tilt Edge cash payments are based on your earned Full Tilt Points and are automatically paid into your poker account every week on Friday for the period Tuesday through Monday.

Join RakeMeBack and get up to 30% cashback at Full Tilt every week.


New players get 100% up to $600 First Deposit Bonus:

- 100% bonus up to $600 when you make your first deposit.
- Up to 3 deposits in 60 days for a total of $600.
- Remember to use the code STARS600 on all your deposits.
- Earn the full bonus by collecting the number of VPPs equal to 20 times the bonus amount.
- Points are exchanged in the store, tournament tickets or entry to exclusive tourneys.
- Each installment of the bonus expires after 120 days.

Alternatively, deposit using code FREE20 and claim $20 of free play.

Multi-Currency Rates: The deposit bonus is available in Euros (EUR/€), British Pounds (GBP/£) and Canadian Dollars (CAD/$).

Currency Maximum BonusClearance Rate
USD ($) $600 200 VPPs per $10
EUR (€) €500 250 VPPs per €10
GBP (£) £400 300 VPPs per £10
CAD ($) $600 200 VPPs per $10

VIP Details

The VIP Club has six different VIP statuses, each earned through completing VIP Steps. The first five BronzeStar, ChromeStar, SilverStar, GoldStar and PlatinumStar are monthly VIP statuses. Supernova is the highest status and is achieved on a yearly basis by the most dedicated players.

Earn 7 StarsCoin by completing the first Step and 169 StarsCoin (8-9%) by completing all of the BronzeStar Steps
Use your StarsCoin in the VIP Store to purchase tickets for tournaments, Sit&Go and Spin&Go
Play in the Weekly $2,500 VIP Tourney, or the Monthly $5,000 Tournament

Earn up to 100% more rewards than BronzeStar status
Complete all ChromeStar Steps in a month to earn 1,490 StarsCoin (12-16%)
Play in the Weekly $10,000 VIP freeroll, or the VIP Super Saturday $20,000 Tournament

Complete all SilverStar Steps in a month to earn 9,375 StarsCoin (15-21%)
Use your StarsCoin to play in VIP Bash Satellites to major live and online events
Play in the Weekly $10,000 VIP freeroll, or the VIP Super Saturday $30,000 Tournament

Complete all GoldStar Steps in a month to earn 33,875 StarsCoin (18-25%)
Convert your StarsCoin for over $300 in cash, or spend it on great rewards in the VIP Store
Play for big prizes for free in the Monthly $100,000 Freeroll, exclusively for GoldStar and higher VIPs

Complete all PlatinumStar Steps in a month to earn 456,000 StarsCoin (22-25%)
Use your StarsCoin to purchase packages to Live Events all over the world
Play for over $100,000 in prizes for free every month in VIP Freerolls

Players have until the end of the year to complete Steps, rather than the end of the month
You have free access to every VIP Tournament with almost $200K in cash prizes to play for every month
Use your StarsCoin to purchase any item in the VIP Store, plus packages to Live Events

VIP Status Rewards:

VIP Rebates and RewardsBronzeStarChromeStarSilverStarGoldStarPlatinumStarSuperNova
VIP Cash Rebates Y Y Y Y Y Y
VIP Store Merchandise Y Y Y Y Y Y
Tournament Tickets Y Y Y Y Y Y
Spin & Go Tickets Y Y Y Y Y Y
Sit & Go Tickets Y Y Y Y Y Y
Live Event Packages Y Y Y Y

VIP TournamentsBronzeStarChromeStarSilverStarGoldStarPlatinumStarSuperNova
StarsCoin Buy-in Satellites Y Y Y Y Y Y
Weekly $2,500 BronzeStar+ VIP Tournament (Except for the last Saturday of every month) Y Y Y Y Y Y
Weekly $10,000 ChromeStar+ Freeroll (Except for the last Saturday of every month) Y Y Y Y Y
VIP Bash Satellites Y Y Y Y

The following table shows the monthly and yearly requirements for reaching and maintaining each VIP status:
VIP StatusTotal StepsSteps to MaintainVPPs per StepCumulative Monthly Rebates
BronzeStar 20 0 5 Up to 169 StarsCoin (8-9%)
ChromeStar 25 5 20 Up to 1,490 StarsCoin (12-16%)
SilverStar 25 5 100 Up to 9,375 StarsCoin (15-21%)
SilverStar 30 10 250 Up to 33,875 StarsCoin (18-25%)
PlatinumStar 110 15 500 to
Up to 456,000 StarsCoin (22-25%)
SuperNova Infinite 100 1,000 From 510,000 StarsCoin (28-30%)

Full Tilt review

Full Tilt was off the radar for some time following online poker’s Black Friday, when – to the surprise of the public – it turned out they simply did not have the money to repay their US players, or anyone else for that matter. Locked out of the US market and with its very existence in limbo for more than a tear, Full Tilt was eventually acquired by rival PokerStars and re-launched with a clean slate. The debt issues have been settled and Full Tilt returned to action re-hiring some of its old pros and setting off to reclaim its lost glory and reputation.

Following a rather spectacular initial flare-up, player traffic settled into more realistic numbers. With all that though, Full Tilt have remained one of the biggest online poker operators in existence.

The site still has quite a few things going for it and among those things, the fact that it quite possibly has the best poker software in the world stands out by a head and a shoulder. We probably needn’t even remind long-time online poker players that Full Tilt were the original inventors of fast-folding poker, and their Rush Poker tables are extremely popular again these days.

As far as drawbacks go, we can tell you that if you’re a high volume player already pro or looking to go pro, you’ll have a pretty hard time at the higher limits. Also, despite the fact that they possess what can only be described as quite probably the best online poker software in the business, Full Tilt have somehow managed to overlook the creation of a no-download software version.

Although Full Tilt is aimed to be a cash game destination first and utmost, it offers a more than satisfactory tournament schedule. There are countless events running all the time, from buy-ins of $1 and freerolls all the way to $2.5K. Their Sunday $350K guaranteed has rejoined the ranks of the Sunday majors.

The bottom line: everything accounted for, Full Tilt is still a top online poker destination. Since PokerStars are now the owners behind the stage, trust is no longer an issue either.

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