InterPoker Rakeback: Up to 40%

InterPoker Rakeback

InterPoker Rakeback: Up to 40%
Network: OnGame
Network size: Medium
Signup bonus: -
Monthly bonus: -
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InterPoker payments are automatically paid into your poker account once a month on the first business day.

Join RakeMeBack and get up to 40% cashback at InterPoker every month.


New players will get $10 FREE Bonus New Players Bonus:

- Minimum deposit $10.
- Bonus is credited within 48 hours after your first deposit.
- Bonus may be withdrawn after you have accumulated 36 PPs.
- No bonus code required.
- Bonus is valid for 60 days.


Poker rooms use several different methods to calculate rake. It is essential to be familiar with the method used because it has an effect on your player MGR and rakeback.

According to InterPoker, rake is calculated using the contributed rake method.

VIP Details

To gain entry to InterPoker’s VIP Program you need to create an InterPoker account through RakeMeBack. Once you have earned 72,000 Player Points (PPs), you will qualify for The Yearly Don Level. The Yearly Level is kept by earning 72,000+ PPs within 12 month period.

If you fail to accumulate the requirement of 6,000 PPs for one calendar month, you will able to still maintain your level, but you will have to generate enough Points during the following month.

PPs are earned on real money cash tables and tournaments. For every $1 paid in rake or tournament fee, you will get 3.6 PPs. Combined with the VIP Lounge you can receive up to 50% in valueback.

Player Points per Month
Classic 1-200 Up to 8.8%
201-400 Up to 9.6%
Bronze 400-1,000 Up to 12%
1,001-1,999 Up to 14%
Silver 2,000-3,000 Up to 16%
3,001-4,000 Up to 17.5%
Gold 4,000-5,500 Up to 19%
5,501-7,999 Up to 20% Monthly - 32% Yearly
Platinum 8,000-13,000 Up to 35%
13,001-20,000 Up to 40%

Acquire 12,000 Player Points in 12 months and move up to the yearly tiers:

Player Points (12 Months)
72,001 - 120,000 Up to 32.5%
120,001 - 156,000 Up to 35%
156,001 - 216,347 Up to 38%
216,348 - 233,243 Up to 39%
233,244 + 40%


InterPoker has moved to OnGame in April 2013.

InterPoker review

Based in Malta and part of the OnGame Network, InterPoker used to be one of the biggest online poker rooms out there. Unfortunately it took the impact of the 2006 UIGEA head on, and thus it lost a good chunk of its players to poker rooms that still accept US players. It is run by the same company which operates Inter Casino. This means lots of casino gamblers in this poker room, which in turn means looser tables and looser mid-to-high stakes play. Good value there.

InterPoker gives its players up to 40% cashback. The bonus is not deducted from the gross rake you generate through play. I said it in a number of articles of mine, that playing poker without being signed up for rakeback is not something any self-respecting online poker player should do. I won't say it again (although I think I just did). All I'll say is that the up to 40% InterPoker cashback should alone be enough of a reason to join this poker room.

If you are a high-raking player, it’s really worth taking advantage of InterPoker’s new promotions, which offer plenty of value otherwise too. The VIP scheme offered by InterPoker is one of the best VIP reward systems offered by any online card room.

Software-wise there's not much to say about InterPoker. The OnGame software is battle-tested and it has an extremely clean look, easy on the eyes and fast in the same time.

I said before that they lost their US player base, which led to a fall in player numbers. Because they are part of a large network, a "fall in player numbers" means something entirely different than it does in case of a small poker room. In peak hours they have about 5,000 players in ring games and about 12,000 at tournament tables.

The tournaments that they offer are very diverse, and you'll find something regardless of whether you're a 2-dime rookie or a high-profile high roller, from $2 buy-in ones to $300 buy-in tourneys.

InterPoker's promotions are usually quite numerous and generous as well. They offer an impressive €3.4 million in prizes each month and they feature EPT, WPT and WSOP packages every now and then.

If you encounter problems at the site, you can request assistance via email, or via telephone if the problem in question can bear no delay.

InterPoker are now giving their players a $10 FREE match on their first deposits. Deposit $10 and get $10 for free is the name of the game. InterPoker's move to the OnGame Network has been completed on April 26, 2013. Rakeback players should keep an eye on the Summer rake races.

InterPoker currently do not accept players from the following countries: Netherlands Antilles, Canada, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Korea, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain and United States.

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