Dealt Rake Method

This is one of the most used methods by poker sites for calculating your rake contribution and, at the end of the day, how much rakeback you will earn from your RakeMeBack deals.

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Dealt Rake Explained

Everytime a hand is raked (money is taken out of the pot by the poker room to pay for you playing poker using their software and services) the rake amount is used to help calculate your rakeback payment. For Poker rooms that use the Dealt Rake Method they share the rake amount between the total number of players who were dealt cards pre flop.

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Even if you fold pre flop (as soon as you get dealt cards) and you have not put any money in the pot for that hand (for example you have not been forced to post a blind) you will still be counted in any raked hand calculation.

This means that in the Dealt Rake Method of working out your rake contribution you can play as little or as many hands as you like and you will still get the same rake contribution amount, and therefore the same rakeback payment, as another player who is involved and raising nearly every hand.

Contributed Rake Method
Minted Poker

Minted Poker   EU

Rakeback:  40%   Network:  Everleaf Gaming
Weighted Contributed Rake Method
Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker   USEU

Rakeback:  VIP   Network:  Merge Gaming
Dealt Rake Method
Red Star Poker

Red Star Poker   

Rakeback:  30%   Network:  Microgaming

One thing you need to remember is that for a hand to be counted towards your rake contribution and rakeback it needs to be a raked hand. The higher the table stakes the higher the chance that each hand will be raked, that you will get an even share of the rake, and the higher your rakeback payment will be.

As you can see this method can reward different types of playing styles and cash table limits. read the RakeMeBack reviews of the rakeback deals you can get at our poker sites to find out what rake contribution methods they use. Your amount of rakeback depends on it.

Do you want to increase your rakeback for the Dealt Rake Method? Click on the link below.

Increase your rakeback: Dealt Rake Method

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