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One of the most important questions for poker players is how do I increase my rakeback payments without increasing my rakeback deals or the cash game stakes I play at?

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How do I increase my rakeback payments

One of the most important questions for poker players is how do I increase my rakeback payments without increasing my Rakeback deals or changing the cash game stakes I play at? There is an easy and quick way to increase your rakeback payments without increasing your poker risks, variance, bankroll or even changing anything to do with your actual playing style of poker.

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How can you increase your rakeback payments without changing your game and risking your bankroll? The easiest way would be to increase the amount you rake and therefore get an increase and more cash back from your rakeback payments. But don't you have to increase how much you play and increase the cash game stakes you play at to increase your rake amount? No, you can just carry on playing the same amount and level of poker but by choosing the correct Poker site or network you may increase your rake and your rakeback payments!

Poker sites and poker networks use different methods to calculate how much rake each player is going to be awarded for each raked hand. This is your rake contribution that ends up being the numbers used to calculate your RakeMeBack rakeback deals. There are a number of methods, the Dealt Rake, Contributed (Average Rake) and the Weighted Contribution (Paid Rake). Each of these methods of calculating your rake will effect how much rake you would get from the same hand on different poker sites! So for the same hand played on 3 different sites you would get a very different amount of rake.

Contributed Rake Method
Minted Poker

Minted Poker   EU

Rakeback:  40%   Network:  Everleaf Gaming
Weighted Contributed Rake Method
Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker   USEU

Rakeback:  VIP   Network:  Merge Gaming
Dealt Rake Method
Red Star Poker

Red Star Poker   

Rakeback:  30%   Network:  Microgaming

If you choose the correct poker site with its own Rake Contribution Method to suit your style of play, bankroll and cash game table limits, then you can increase the amount you rake for playing an identical session. Obviously, if you choose a different method by playing on another site, you may actually be reducing your rake amount for playing the identical session and reducing your rakeback payment.

To find out more on how you can increase your rakeback payments click on the rake contribution methods links below.

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