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Not all poker sites offer their players rakeback deals. Some prefer to emphasize frequent player points and rewards systems, while others have so much volume that their priority is not to entice new players and secure the loyalty of existing ones. These guys are usually so popular that no ad campaign is required to let the world know about their existence. At this level, the cart gets rolling downhill and it gathers momentum as it goes, it doesn’t require any more pushing.

Not having a rakeback account at poker sites that offer it is essentially giving away free money. It can be a large determining factor on your level of profitability as a player. Having a good rakeback deal in place will consistently reward your volume and level of play. Sites like PokerStars, which are appealing on account of the high traffic volume, wide game selection and generous promotions they offer, don't offer rakeback. Their frequent player points and other rewards are skewed to their highest volume players. It is often much wiser to play at a site like Full Tilt Poker, which offers you 27% rakeback in addition to their innovative offering and high volume of players.

For all but the rarest of player, it is a no brainer to sign up at poker sites at which you can receive good rakeback. Whether it's weekly or monthly, you will appreciate seeing that free money funnel back into your account as you play. Your bankroll will thank you.

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