Privacy Policy never underestimates the importance of online privacy. Having been a rakeback industry leader since 2004, is fully aware of the importance of this aspect of online poker. This page offers you information on how your personal data shall be collected (if collected), what it will be used for and about the choices you can make when it comes to such sensitive information.

First of all, this website offers free information. This means that most of our resources will be available to our visitors without them having to supply any sort of information on themselves. is not set up to automatically collect personal information on our visitors. Our server will log traffic information like visitors’ ISPs, their IPs and the time of their visit as well as the pages they visit. No names or email addresses shall be captured. This procedure however is standard practice all over the internet, and the information shall only be used by our technical staff for traffic-tracking purposes and for the general improvement of the services offered by our operation.
The statistics packages we obtain this way shall not be shared with third parties on a regular basis.

Because of the nature of the services we offer, we do have to collect personal information in certain situations, in order to enable us to satisfy our customers’ needs. Personal information (like email addresses etc.) shall only be collected upon sign-up, and that shall only happen at the player/visitor’s special request. The personal information that you’ll have to provide us usually includes your name, email address, date of birth and user name. You’ll need to provide that information when you log into your Rakemeback account, when you register for our services, when you participate in a promotional offer or when you provide feedback.
The information provided this way shall be used to age verify you (in most jurisdictions you need to be over 18 to use our services), and to support your customer relationship with our company. In that respect, we shall notify you of special offers that arise and keep you up to date regarding our products and services. We’ll also keep you informed on third party services that we deem may be of interest to you. You can opt out of this setup any time you wish to.
All the information we collect shall be kept safe and out of the reach of third parties. won’t ever sell your information or share it with a third party and we do our best to protect this information from abusive access attempts.

Feel free to contact us with any kind of question about personal information safety and use.

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