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One of the more popular methods used by poker rooms to calculate the amount of rake you have paid and therefore how much rakeback you are paid is the Weighted Contributed Rake Method.

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Weighted Contributed Rake (Paid Rake) explained

This method rewards fairly those players who have put the money into the pot and who create action for all the players at the table. Only those players who have contributed money to the pot will get a share of a raked hand and those players will then be awarded a share of the rake calculated on how much money they actually put into the pot.

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The Weighted Contributed Rake Method (Paid Rake) is the fairest and truest method of calculating players rake amounts but it has a great effect on your rakeback depending on your playing style and the cash game stakes you play at. This method can also sometimes decide if you should play at a site or not. Although it can not be the only factor, as player liquidity and the softness of the cash games you play may be more important for your long term profitability than an increase in your rake and rakeback.

Knowing the difference between a poker site or networks Rake Contribution Method combined with your own playing style is vital in maximizing your rakeback deals. If you choose a method not suitable for you then your amount of rakeback may not be as high as it could be compared to just playing at a different site.

Contributed Rake Method
Minted Poker

Minted Poker   EU

Rakeback:  40%   Network:  Everleaf Gaming
Weighted Contributed Rake Method
Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker   USEU

Rakeback:  VIP   Network:  Merge Gaming
Dealt Rake Method
Red Star Poker

Red Star Poker   

Rakeback:  30%   Network:  Microgaming

No matter what your style of play you need to know if the site you are apply for a rakeback deal has Paid Rake or another form of rake contribution. read the RakeMeBack deals and poker sites reviews to find out this vital information.

Do you want to increase your profit from Weighted Contributed Rake Method? Click on the link below to find out more information.

Increase your rakeback profit: Weighted Contributed Rake (Paid Rake) Method

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