We want your friends!, We know you have friends that play poker, and we want to pay you big bucks to refer them to RakeMeBack. Not only will your friends get all the benefits you are receiving as a RakeMeBack member, but you will be earning up to 10% of what they rake ... forever!

When you send friends to RakeMeBack, you will get:
  • Highest commisson rates earn up to 10% of their rake!
    Do not confuse this with 10% of OUR earnings ... you will be paid up to 10% of what your referrals rake! This allows you to earn MUCH more with RakeMeBack.
  • Full Tracking Statistics
    We will provide you all your referrals so you can track their activity andyour earnings.
  • Monthly Payouts
Can I refer players even if I do not get rakeback from RakeMeBack?

Of course you can! All you need to do is to sign up a rakemeback account and use the tools that you can access when logged in and start referring players!

How do I find poker players wanting rakeback?

We recommend building relations with other poker players - online and offline.A good start is usually the contact network you already have. Join poker clubs, be active in forums and mention poker and rakeback every chance you get to people you meet!

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Refer a Friend Formuala
Refer a Friend Formuala

NOTE: Be advised that engaging yourself in so called spam will not be tolerated and will result in getting shut out of the program. We follow the strict conduct of the poker rooms and expect you to do this as well.

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