Poker Payment Processors

Payment processors are the financial link between players and their online poker rooms. It is through these processors that people upload their ammo to the online poker rooms, and it is through them that they withdraw the haul too. There are a variety of ways to complete financial transactions to and from online poker operators, and some of these ways are more advantageous for players and poker operators alike than others. Online poker rooms like some methods better than others too, which is why they reward players who use their preferred deposit/withdrawal methods with extra bonuses or other such perks.

Players can use some of the more rudimentary ways like direct wire transfers to take care of their online bankroll needs. Credit cards like VISA and MasterCard are also widely accepted, but there are certain - rather significant - drawbacks to such methods, namely privacy-related problems. Through these methods, players will share sensitive personal and financial information. In order to create a buffer between such sensitive information and the destination of the funds, e-wallets have been brought to bear.

e-wallets allow players to upload funds to online accounts, from where they're able to make online purchases and online poker deposits without ever giving out any of their details to the operators. An e-wallet like Moneybookers (now Skrill) will transmit player monies to online poker rooms using only their email addresses.

The commissions charged by such e-wallets are also quite minute, which means a lot not only for the online poker rooms but for players too, whenever they make a deposit or a withdrawal.

Here's a list of payment processors recommends for its players:

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