Bitcoin Review

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which offers quite a number of extremely attractive advantages coupled with a few drawbacks. One of its most important disadvantages – as listed by the Bitcoin site – is the fact that one can’t buy a whole lot with it, which – for online poker players – pretty much meant the option was a useless one until not so long ago.

Lately though, online poker rooms have surfaced which do in fact accept deposits in Bitcoins, and which do pay out their customers in Bitcoins too. What that means is that online poker players can now put the plethora of advantages offered by the currency to good use.

Bitcoin is basically a peer-to-peer payment solution, which does away with intermediaries such as banks completely. This fact alone should make most people fall in love with the currency straight away.

Other than that, it carries other advantages too: it cannot be traced, the various commissions when using it are almost non-existent, and the whole Bitcoin payment operation is final (the person making the payment cannot take his/her money back in any shape or form). Bitcoin is as close an approximation of electronic cash as it can possibly get these days.

Making a Bitcoin deposit can be done the same way other deposit options work: one has to click through to the cashier and to the Bitcoin option (if supported). Entering the amount and finalizing the deal is the last step of the deposit operation. Withdrawals are done much the same way.

Although Bitcoin is not yet a payment solution widely accepted by online or live merchants, it is now yet another option for online poker players, an incredibly advantageous option at that…

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