eCheck Review

eCheck is a safe and simple money transfer method, which can be used to great effect in online gambling and poker, even by US players. The way the method works is similar to that of an actual check, only instead of using a physical payment instrument, the eCheck method transmits all the data necessary for the transfer through electronic means. In a word: eCheck is basically an electronic check. Its advantages are numerous, and to point out the fact that US players are mostly able to use this method is merely scratching the surface. eCheck does not charge players for deposits and the money transfer is instant. As soon as the player orders the operation, the money lands in his/her online poker account, ready to be taken to the tables.

eCheck transfers are safe and secure. The electronic encryption used for these transfers are of the same kind that banks use for pretty much all their electronic funds movements. The banking channels used for eCheck payments are the same ones a bank would use for any checking account whenever a check-based payment is made.

The drawbacks? They’re few and far between. As a matter of fact, just about the only thing that can be said against the method is that it requires a bank account on the part of the player, which needs to hold the funds the player intends to transfer.

Another slight disadvantage may be the fact that unlike the mainstream payment options (such as credit cards and the popular e-wallets) eCheck isn’t accepted by all the online poker operators out there. Given the simplicity and the highly confidential nature of the operation though, more and more sites adopt the method these days.

eCheck security is pretty much bulletproof: if the system used by the online casino/online poker site is not secure, the bank will refuse to effect the operation.

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