PaySafeCard Review

PaySafeCard is one of the simplest and most straightforward online payment options, which European gamblers have been using since 2000 to make deposits to various online casinos and online poker rooms. PaySafeCard is basically a prepaid card which acts like a debit card. Players buy a card of a given value and they are then able to use the credits from the card to make online poker deposits and to shop at various online merchants. The PaySafeCard is not a credit card: players can only use the amount of credits their card comes loaded with, nothing more.

The payment option is indeed quite outstanding when it comes to privacy: players do not have to provide any sort of personal information when they pick up the card, thus the card won’t contain any such potentially sensitive information either. The PaySafeCard is therefore quite possibly the safest online payment method out there.

The company was founded back in 2000, and it has since served millions of customers world-wide. The company is focused on Europe. Its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, PaySafeCard has set up several distribution points in most of the European countries. The prepaid cards can be acquired online too.

It is important to note that one doesn’t need to run any kind of special software to purchase and to use the card. Everything considered, the advantages of PaySafeCard can be summed up thusly: it offers instant payment and complete security as nowhere along the purchase/use process are any sort of player details required.

The disadvantages are obvious too: PaySafeCard offers no credit option. Players can use only the amount of credits they pay for. While some indeed consider this a disadvantage, for others it may prove to be an advantage instead, as it sets a limit on the amount of money they’ll take to the tables.

PaySafeCard cannot be used by US-based gamblers and poker players.

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