RummyRoyal: Multi-Table Tournaments closed

The RummyRoyal (Online Rummy) Multi-Table tournaments are multi-player tournaments which allow players to compete against each other towards winning a share of $5,000 this month.

1. $10 Free roll every day.
2. $150 Midweek Freerolls on Monday's & Thursday's 20:00 GMT
3. $700 Guaranteed tournament on February 27th at 21:00 GMT buy-in only $7.

February's Midweek Freerolls:

Monday February 4th 2008 20:00 GMT Gin
Thursday February 7th 2008 20:00 GMT Kalooki
Monday February 11th 2008 20:00 GMT Rummy
Thursday February 14th 2008 20:00 GMT Oklahoma
Monday February 18th 2008 20:00 GMT Kalooki
Thursday February 21st 2008 20:00 GMT Gin
Monday February 25th 2008 20:00 GMT Oklahoma
Thursday February 28th 2008 20:00 GMT Kalooki

Note: You must complete your registration inside the Cashier in order to be eligible to participate in this tournament; Please make sure to review the Tournaments Rules section prior to registering for any Multi-Table Tournaments.

This promotion is open to new and existing players.

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