Helsinki Freezeout 2008

Helsinki Freezeout is Finland’s most prestigious annual tournament. This high-profile event attracts many of the top Finish players such as Juha Helpi, "Hellraiser" and others known from the international poker tournament circuit. Due to its proximity to Sweden, you will also find many well-known Swedes participating.

Last time we went there with Team Rakemeback, our top finisher took 9th place – Time to see if we can improve on that!

Tournament: Helsinki Freezeout 2008
Venue: Grand Casino, Helsinki
Dates: 11-12th January, 2008
Value: €3600
€2500+100 Buy-in, €1000 travel/accomodation
Rake period: November + December

In order to qualify, you need to register through Rakemeback at one of the following sites and meet its rake requirement during the period specified above:

Betfair (Independent)

Rake requirement: £ 7000

Poker Heaven (Boss Media)

Poker Heaven
Rake requirement: € 15,000

Poker Nordica (Merge)

Poker Nordica
Rake requirement: $ 15,000

Fatbetpoker (Poker Nexus)

Rake requirement: € 15,000

Purple Lounge (Prima)

Purple Lounge
Rake requirement: $ 15,000

Betsafe (Cryptologic)

Rake requirement: $ 15,000

Red Star Poker (Cake)

Red Star Poker
Rake requirement: $ 15,000
Terms & Conditions
  • Players are required to have signed up through Rakemeback at one of the above sites, to be eligible for a sponsorship.
  • Players must produce the required amount of rake at the poker site in question, through which they qualify for the team.
  • Qualified players are required to wear any apparel assigned to them by the team management, while participating in the event.
  • A cash alternative of €1800 will be offered only if the player has a "good excuse" not to participate. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes a "good excuse".
  • Packages are not transferable to other players by default.
  • A participating player must be at least 18 years old to qualify for the package.
  • Any taxes or similar fees the qualified player incurs as a result of winning a package, will be considered that player’s sole responsibility.
  • We reserve the right to offer the €1800 cash alternative in the event there are no available seats for the tournament.
  • Some of the participating sites are running other promotions, rake races and such that overlap with this sponsorship. Some will be compatible and others will not. It's your responsibility to keep yourself updated on which ones are / are not compatible.

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