The weighted contributed rake method (paid rake)

This article was posted on August 10, 2009

The weighted contributed rake method is also known as paid rake or actual paid rake, for good reason. Poker rooms which use this rake contribution method determine exactly how much credit a player should get for his contribution, based on the amount of money he puts into the pot.

This way, a person who contributes one third of the total pot, will also gain credit for one third of the resulting rake. Needles to say, those who do not contribute anything get zilch credit.

What player category this rake contribution method aids can be discussed, one thing is certain though: it is by far the most accurate of all rake calculation methods.


The good: the Weighted Contributed Rake method is fair. No wonder it’s called the actual paid rake. In a poker room which uses this method, you’ll get rewarded for your exact contribution and there will be no free rides like the ones the dealt rake method offers.


The bad: Tight passive players will generate almost no rakeback at all. Because of their scarce contributions, they will get scarce rake rebate payments too. They might even out rake-contribution wise with other players in the long-run, if it weren’t for the rake cap.

Because of the cap though, staying passive for an hour and then shoving all-in to lose it all or to double up, won’t generate as much rakeback as continuous loose-aggressive play.

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