Rakeback Sponsorship

Every now and then, high-volume players will get the opportunity to travel to and play in live tournaments, fully sponsored by Team Rakemeback.

Master Classics of Poker Tour,2009

New Sponsorship: Master Classics of Poker 2009 (€2,930)

Team Rakemeback is getting ready to send players to the 18th edition of Master Classics of Poker 2009 which takes place from November 6 to November 14, 2009 in Holland Casino, Amsterdam.

We are offering a prize package worth €2,930 which includes your entries to the three (3) day Texas Hold'em No Limit Freeze Out €1,500+€100 (Nov 6-8) tournament and to the Satellite for Main Event €300+€30 (Nov 9) as well as €1,000 travel/accommodation money! Four days of top poker in one of the most prestigious European tournaments and an exclusive chance to play face to face with high-quality players with proven track records.

On top of that, the players who qualify for the Sponsorship are given the opportunity to try and win the buy-in for the Master Classics of Poker Main event, Texas Hold'em No Limit Freeze Out €6,000+€200 taking place between Nov 10-13, 2009 and to compete for the first place prize, an estimated €500,000.


To open the sponsorships up for more potential players, we propose the so called "half sponsorship" with a lower rake requirement and just like it suggests, it means we will sponsor half of the total cost of the event.

Tournament: Master Classics of Poker 2009
Venue: Holland Casino, Amsterdam
Dates: November 6-9, 2009
Value: €2,930
Rake period: July + August

In order to qualify, you need to be registered through Rakemeback at one of the following sites and meet its rake requirement during the period specified above:

Fatbetpoker (Poker Nexus)

Fatbetpoker Rakeback: 50%
Full sponsorship req. 15,000
Half sponsorship req. 10,000

Poker Nordica (Merge)

Poker Nordica Rakeback: 30% US
Full sponsorship req. 15,000
Half sponsorship req. 10,000

Power Poker (Cake)

Power Poker Rakeback: 33% US
Full sponsorship req. 20,000
Half sponsorship req. 15,000

Bodog (Independent)

Bodog VIP deal US
Full sponsorship req. 15,000
Half sponsorship req. 10,000

Poker Heaven (Boss Media)

Poker Heaven Rakeback: 30%
Full sponsorship req. 15,000
Half sponsorship req. 10,000

Minted (Everleaf)

Minted Poker Rakeback: 40% US
Full sponsorship req. 15,000
Half sponsorship req. 10,000

PKR (Independent)

PKR Rakeback: 30%
Full sponsorship req. 15,000
Half sponsorship req. 10,000

Betfair (Independent)

Betfair Rakeback: 30-40%
Full sponsorship req. 10,000
Half sponsorship req. 7,500

True Poker (Independent)

True Poker Rakeback: 30% US
Full sponsorship req. 15,000
Half sponsorship req. 10,000
Terms & Conditions
  • Players are required to have signed up through Rakemeback at one of the above sites, to be eligible for a sponsorship.
  • Players must produce the required amount of rake at the poker site in question, through which they qualify for the team.
  • Qualified players are required to wear any branded clothing/apparel assigned to them by the team management, while participating in the event.
  • Qualified players will be notified within two weeks after the end of rake period and reasonable attempts will be made to contact the winning players by email and or/phone. It is the sole responsibility of the qualified player to provide valid email address and/or phone number for contact.
  • In order to collect the "half sponsorship" a qualifying player has to forward a receipt of purchase for the event.
  • If a qualified for FULL sponsorship player is non-reachable/non-responsive by email and/or telephone or cannot take part in the event, the participating poker site through which the player qualified may in its discretion decide to deliver a cash alternative of €1500 instead of full package.
  • Packages are not transferable to other players by default. Exceptions are made at our disclosure.
  • A participating player must be at least 18 years old to qualify for the package.
  • Any taxes or similar fees the qualified player incurs as a result of winning a package, will be considered that players sole responsibility.
  • A cash alternative of €1500 will be offered only if the player has a "good excuse" not to participate. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes a "good excuse".
  • We reserve the right to offer the €1500 cash alternative in the event there are no available seats for the tournament.
  • Some of the participating sites are running other promotions, rake races and such that overlap with this sponsorship. Some will be compatible and others will not. It is each player's responsibility to keep updated on which ones are / are not compatible. Ask us if you're not sure.
  • We may decide to cover the event before, during and after. If that's the case, you may be required to submit a picture or give an interview.

Past sponsorships

2009 Casinos Austria Poker Tour (€3,000)
2009 Olympic Open Championship (€2,800)
2008 CAPT innsbruck 2008 (€3,000)
2008 Helsinki Freezeout 2008 (€3,600)
2007 World Series Of Poker ($12,000) - Purple Lounge
2006 Latvian Open ($2,500) - Gaming Club
2006 Scandinavian Open EPT ($5,000) - Parbet
2005 Helsinki Freezeout ($3,500) - Gaming Club
2005 Swedish Open ($3,500) - Gaming Club

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