888Poker: $800,000 Battle of Nations closed

This new promotion gives you the opportunity to battle out for a piece of $800,000 in FREE tournaments.

SIGN UP NOW and get 2 FREE tickets to $1,000 FREE tournaments, where you will play against other players from your country. The 2 X $1,000 tickets are on top of your $88/£12 FREE. No deposit needed.

The top 5% of you in the $1,000 FREE tournament will also win a ticket to the $20,000 Battle of Nations FREE tournament, where you can play against other national teams from around the world.

Make it to the top place and you will win the tournament for your nation and the $20,000 prizepool will be shared, as follows:
- $15,000 between winning players
- $5,000 between all players on the winning national team

SIGN UP NOW and make your first deposit, to get:
- 1 ticket to the $20,000 weekly Battle of Nations tournament
- 1 daily turn in the Star Spin Game: Spin to win an amazing prize
- The 888Poker Welcome Bonus.

Dates of Promotion: Until May 2, 2015

Battle of Nations will include the following $1,000 FREE Tournaments:

CountryName of Tournament
Argentina $1,000 Battle for Latin America Free Tournament
Australia $1,000 Battle for Australia Free Tournament
Belarus $1,000 Battle for Belarus Free Tournament
Bolivia $1,000 Battle for Bolivia Free Tournament
Brazil $1,000 Battle for Brazil Free Tournament
Canada $1,000 Battle for Canada Free Tournament
Chile $1,000 Battle for Latin America Free Tournament
China $1,000 Battle for China Free Tournament
Colombia $1,000 Battle for Colombia Free Tournament
Costa Rica $1,000 Battle for Costa Rica Free Tournament
Ecuador $1,000 Battle for Ecuador Free Tournament
Germany $1,000 Battle for Germany Free Tournament
Ireland $1,000 Battle for Ireland Free Tournament
Mexico $1,000 Battle for Latin America Free Tournament
Netherlands $1,000 Battle for Netherlands Free Tournament
Panama $1,000 Battle for Latin America Free Tournament
Paraguay $1,000 Battle for Latin America Free Tournament
Peru $1,000 Battle for Latin America Free Tournament
Russia $1,000 Battle for Russia Free Tournament
Sweden $1,000 Battle for Sweden Free Tournament
Ukraine $1,000 Battle for Ukraine Free Tournament
Uruguay $1,000 Battle for Latin America Free Tournament
United Kingdom $1,000 Battle for United Kingdom Free Tournament
Venezuela $1,000 Battle for Latin America Free Tournament
All Other Countries $1,000 Battle for Glory Free Tournament

- You will receive 2 tickets to the $1,000 Free Tournament.
- You may receive poker missions and other offers with opportunities to win extra tickets.

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